Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hi love ! 

Lately, since school has started I haven t been eating the healthiest and I want to change that !
When you are studying you use your energy and after a while you feel hungry and that s the point when we all want to grab a bag of chips or chocolate bar or a grande caffee latte but let me tell you this : don t snack on those things !!! They are full of bad sugars that, my friend, are not good for you, moreover they dont keep you full nor give you enough energy.

So instead, grab some apple, raisins and beloved peanut butter :)
All you need to know to make this snack is knowing how to hold a knife as you will need to cut the apples in slices (as big as you like) and then put some peanut butter and on one side, raisins. Next, just put two slices together and done ! 

Those three ingredients have many benefits like increasing your supply of energy, reducing cholesterol, boosting your immune system (vitamine C) . Overall, its super good combination of fiber and protein.

Simple, easy, everyone can do it. I like eating them as a snack or with my breakfast in the morning. 
I made a bunch of these for my two little sisters and I last night while we were just fooling around, watching movies and playing cards. I love to spend quality time with my family, it calms me down, lets me to forget about stressful things and makes me warm around heart and happy ♥

What is your favourite food to snack on ? 

- Blonde ♥


  1. This sounds soo yummy! great photography aswell x

  2. Stvarno mi se sviđa tvoj blog posebno što stavljaš i potičeš zdravu prehrnu, puno pozdrava!
    Keep up the good work :)

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