Wednesday, August 20, 2014


back to school natural make up
Hi beautiful people ! 

Today I came up with this natural make up look. When in doubt, I constantly reach to eye shadows such as champagne or gold colored because you can always make the look more natural or more darker. Another thing is that you don t need to worry about you lip color since almost every shade would look superb.

I don t wear foundation every day as I just think my face doesn t need that much of a coverage. Instead of foundation you can apply BB cream which is more lightweight and ideal for these summer days. 

Powder will set your make up as well as make you less oily during the day.

Great trick that I often use to make myself look more awake when in reality I ve slept for 4 hours (gottaloveschool, right ?) is to put very bright eye shadow in the inner corners of my eyes and under brows. 

Lastly, to keep your lips soft and hydrated, use your favourite lip balm. If you want, you can totally replace this for lip stick, although, I´m just too lazy for the most of the school days to worry about if my lip stick is perfectly aplied haha

Do you like to wear lipstick to school ? What s your favourite one ? 

-Blonde ♥


  1. I'm not in school, but I do not wear lipstick everyday. I do wear Chapstick on a daily basis.

    1. I also prefer chapstick on a daily basis. I got ya girl ! haha :))